Top 10 DIY of the Téva Déco box

Top 10 DIY of the Téva Déco box

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Creating yourself has never been so trendy. Economic but above all unique, the objects created by you take on a story and look at each other in a different way. So if you are looking for ideas to occupy your summer, discover the 10 most beautiful creations of our decorators.

A designer mirror suspension

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Mention very well for this step by step deco which is original and easy to carry out. Worthy of a renowned designer, it will create a sensation in your living room.

A swing shelf

Teva Déco / D'home Productions After having become the most coveted place in the house for its conviviality, the kitchen is looking to become a playful place. Here, the decorator had the original idea of ​​composing a shelf like a swing!

A reclaimed candlestick

Teva Déco / D'home Productions Discover how simple white porcelain tableware turns into a candle holder that propels your decor to the border of dreamlike.

A sun mirror

Teva Déco / D'home Productions The fifties style is always emulated! Discover in a few steps how to make a sun mirror yourself to make your decor shine.

A top class lampshade

Aurélien Faidy / Teva Déco Why make things complicated when you can make them simple! Here, a basic lampshade is put on its 31 with some black bow ties. So smart!

Glam hat boxes

Teva Déco / D'home Productions Sometimes you just need a little idea to transform simple hat boxes into clever storage for the bathroom. A touch of paint and silky ribbons give them new life.

Top 10 DIY of the Téva Déco box

Teva Déco / D'home Productions H2A bohemian pendant light (/) Bright colors, fluffy materials and silky ribbons await you step by step. This pendant light, to hang in any room of the house, is a ray of sunshine.

A portrait gallery

Teva Déco / D'home Productions Here is a step by step deco to take with your family on a rainy day. From cut out family photos, reproduce the profile of each member on a sheet of paper to create a gallery of portraits in a cameo spirit.