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In the Brazilian cuisine of Heloisa Bacellar

In the Brazilian cuisine of Heloisa Bacellar

This year, Brazil is in the spotlight, obviously because we will be fighting for the football world cup there, but also because a cookbook devoted to this warm and mixed cuisine has just been released in France. The author of this "Made in Brasil", Heloisa Bacellar, kindly opened the doors of her kitchen to us. Rest assured that you will not come out of this visit without many good decor ideas.

A wood oven in the kitchen

Ana Bacellar Heloisa Bacellar has preserved all the authenticity of the place by keeping the elements hard like this magnificent wood oven which must excel in the art of slow cooking.

Height under ceiling

Ana Bacellar Although the kitchen is huge, the mistress of the place occupies all the space and in particular the vertiginous height of these walls. We are the opposite of the fully equipped kitchen which hides pots and pans.

A majestic piano

Ana Bacellar You have to believe that this piano was intended to be found in this kitchen as its place seems logical. Framed by rustic dark wood furniture, this piano finds harmony thanks to its black color enhanced by the walls dyed blue-green.

Make way for paintings

Ana Bacellar When the walls are not occupied by kitchen equipment, they are covered with still life paintings. Heloisa Bacellar reminds us that the kitchen must be a magical place and not just functional.

Copper pots

Ana Bacellar Thanks to the copper in the pans, Heloisa Bacellar's kitchen is punctuated with touches of light that light up the furniture. In addition to being decorative elements, they are in the daily service of the cook. Beautiful and practical!

Spontaneous storage

Ana Bacellar Some will see disorder, others freedom. Although accumulation is the key word in this kitchen, everything is sorted by type of material. In the end, the cuisine of Heloisa Bacellar turns into a museum of culinary art but a museum full of life and cheerfulness.


Ana Bacellar Far from being a unique space, we see that the adjoining rooms follow the same principle of accumulation. The back kitchen wall features a series of mugs while decorative plates decorate the walls of the dining room.

Brazilian cuisine

Larousse And to find out what smells scent this Brazilian cuisine, try Heloisa Bacellar's recipes grouped in the book "made in Brasil" by Larousse editions (€ 7.90).