10 good plans for bathroom storage

10 good plans for bathroom storage

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To make the most of the space in the bathroom, storage is a key issue! And as this room is not always very large, it is often necessary to use trick to tidy up properly. To help you optimize your bathroom, we offer 10 storage tips to use at home.

Two vanities

Ikea It's no secret that if you multiply the vanity units, you also multiply the storage area that corresponds to this piece of furniture. You can store twice as many towels and beauty products.

Furniture that uses height

Paragraph To optimize the wall surface, consider choosing tall furniture. You will gain in storage without taking up floor space thanks to the height of the furniture.

A clever piece of furniture

Ikea To make the most of the bathroom surface, there are very clever pieces of furniture like this storage cabinet designed to slip on your washing machine. The wall surface is thus optimized!

An improvised towel dryer

La Redoute Don't have a place to dry your towels? Be aware that there are very practical accessories that attach above the door to accommodate one or two towels without taking up space on the walls.

A bathroom trolley

La Redoute If you lack storage furniture, you can add a side table next to your vanity unit. This will allow you to store some beauty products that you still want to have on hand.

Shelves in a recess

Coral If your bathroom has a recess that you think is difficult to use, do not hesitate to use it as a storage space. It will suffice to fix shelves on the wall to store some towels.

A storage mirror

Azur Lign Above the vanity unit, the mirror is essential but rather than opting for a simple mirror, we prefer a model that also serves as storage like a medicine cabinet. It will be very useful for storing your beauty products.

Clever taps

HSK So that every inch of your bathroom is dedicated to storage, you can also bet on 2-in-1 accessories like this faucet that will allow you to deposit your products for the shower.

Narrow and high storage

Ikea Finally, to optimize storage even in small bathrooms, do not hesitate to use the wall surface by adding narrow storage units so as not to clutter the passage but very tall to optimize space.