Summer: white throughout the house

Summer: white throughout the house

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Summer has officially arrived. The departures on vacation are more and more and to stick to the season we install white in all rooms. In paint, furniture or decoration, white can give a facelift. It is also refreshing and that is what we need.

Paper lamp

Alinéa Straight from Asia, the art of paper settles in the house. It is found for example in light suspension for dim lighting in the bedroom. Its lightness calls for relaxation.

Under the sun

Alinéa In summer the sun beats down and on certain days we would give everything for a little freshness. No more searching, the garden furniture is dressed in white. And as everyone knows, unlike black, it repels heat: your ally for the summer.

For the bedroom

Ikea With one or more colored walls, we try not to overload the rest of the room, we can for example choose a frame and a white headboard. To complete the set, we even fall for a small bedside table of the same color.

The living room sofa

Ikea Do you want something new without being able to change everything? The sofa, the central element of the living room, is the solution! By changing a single flagship piece of space, you create a whole new atmosphere. And what better than white for a feeling of novelty.

The bathroom

Jacob Delafon In the ponds, the furniture is often white. However, the room is not dull thanks to a few touches of color brought by the linens. Bath, basin and tiles are highlighted, in contrast to color. We can then change the atmosphere for a few euros.

Well in bed

The redoubt You dream of only one thing, it is to throw you in your bed while returning the evening? It is a pleasure to choose a nice white household linen which will create a zone of rest and relaxation after work.

White in paint

Redoubt The easiest way to use white is to paint on the walls. Here we take the opportunity to repaint the floor, the wooden chair etc ... We then highlight its space thanks to a strong light.

At table

Maison du monde In the kitchen, we also play with white as with this great composition. In kitchen furniture, white can be messy but will highlight your decoration and your culinary skills.

Enter, please

Maison du monde In the entrance, you don't hesitate to hang a mirror to enlarge the room and be able to take a look at its reflection before leaving. Convenient also, the chest of drawers in the entrance: we store linen, a few books and it serves as a storage compartment. All in white!


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