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A pair of curtains, 10 functions

A pair of curtains, 10 functions

Made essential because they obscure the light and decorate the windows in style, gentlemen the curtains have also established themselves as purely functional accessories. A little glimpse of this multi-use addiction…

To dramatize decorative shelves

Ikéa Use curtains to create a theatrical setting, we love it! Demonstration with these shelves whose collection of antique objects is framed with velvet curtains, as if it were a window. Here's a daring tip to showcase trinkets that are dear to us ...

To create a separate room in the living room

Ikea Taking advantage of the square meters of the living room to accommodate an extra room, it's easy with curtains. Behind the sofa, you are allotted, the air of nothing, a sofa bed or extra bed, subtly hidden behind a thick fabric, and the bet is raised!

To separate two spaces in a single room

Ikea A room for two (parents / baby or siblings) is a bit anti-privacy. Result: we separate the space using a large curtain, to pull or open according to the moods and needs of the day.

To isolate a creative space

Ikéa Artist workshop, workspace, sewing corner or DIY: for all these activities, a minimum of (talent and) concentration is required. The trick? Isolate these spaces from the rest of the room to which they were grafted using a curtain!

To improvise a canopy

Vertbaudet What little girl does not dream of a princess bed? The good idea: hang a canopy bar on the wall before hanging light curtains. Or how to make happy easily!

To style a canopy bed

Maisons du Monde Some people like the graphic appearance of the bare four-poster beds. Others prefer the traditional look, when dressed in highly decorative curtains. And one more point for the curtains!

To replace a door

Elitis Fashion was in fully open interiors, but it is gradually returning to closed interiors. We prefer the in-between: curtains as a door to vary desires.

To delimit the space without dividing it

Alinéa Kitchen / living room, living room / dining room, dining room / reading corner… To best define the spaces in the multifunctional rooms, the practical and ephemeral option is called curtains! Thus, one draws them or one makes them disappear at will.

To hide the storage

Ikea Down with unsightly storage! Hidden behind curtains, they will be better, and so will our decor.