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10 decorative makeovers around the "metal" effect

10 decorative makeovers around the "metal" effect

Metallic floor makeover

Saint Maclou

The metal floor covering version? Yes, it is possible thanks to vinyl tiles like honeycomb. As a bonus to the ultra trendy look, we also like its non-slip aspect…

Metallic makeover on household appliances


Even household appliances, tired of its classic white color code, go into "metallic" mode. It is Julien who allows the metamorphosis process thanks to his paint for small and large industrial gray color devices. So chic, so practical!

Metallic makeover on furniture

Houses of the world

The furniture also calls for a 100% industrial look. Using a special metal effect furniture paint, it's magic, it seems straight out of the factory.

Metallic makeover on decorative accessories


After the furniture, decorative accessories! A few strokes of metal effect paint later, they too gain in a factory temperament.

Metallic makeover on lighting


In the saga of decorative accessories wanting to assert their metallic inclination, we vote for a coating with gray shades and reflections changing with the light. Demonstration with this vintage lamp on which the metamorphosis operated in style.

Metallic makeover on the openings


The walls had passed to the industrial loft regime, now it's the turn of the openings to do the same. A darker shade to stand out, and the window borders give a daring and very trendy inspiration.

Metallic makeover on the worktop


Dining table, coffee table and worktop in demand for a personalized customization, it can look like this: a metal effect covering, nuance of the material included. An idea to copy urgently!

Metallic makeover on vintage objects

Houses of the world

Have you returned from a garage sale or a flea market, a few finds under your arm? If they are worn, this is an opportunity to revamp the whole. Supporting metallic paint and voila!

Metal makeover on the credenza side


Tired of your classic paint splashback? If it is really made of metal, know that with a brushstroke based on waterproof and metallic paint, your kitchen should get a facelift (under the industrial wing)…