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Darty presents its collection of kitchens for 2011/2012

Darty presents its collection of kitchens for 2011/2012

For the 2011-2012 school year, Darty offers kitchens that are easy to live in but also very decorative! Whether you are a fan of design or prefer more traditional lines, here are five new kitchens that are sure to seduce you.

Design and original cuisine

Darty ### For an original kitchen, we opt for a two-color kitchen with tall cupboards in black lacquered and low elements in a very bright light blue too. The whole reflects light considerably and gives a very designer look thanks to the clean lines.

Classic and trendy cuisine

Darty ### If you prefer a slightly more traditional cuisine, choose classic lines with worked wood and glass cupboards. For a more modern touch, opt for a trendy color like black and opt for opaque glass for closets.

A design and refined kitchen

Darty ### For a very design and functional kitchen, we opt for a long kitchen with a rectangular island that meets the furniture that runs against the wall. As for colors, bet on black and white for a very graphic spirit.

Revisited retro cuisine

Darty ### Finally, for a retro kitchen revisited, choose furniture with wooden slats with round metal handles and a worktop that takes on the appearance of marble. To modernize the kitchen, again, we prefer a dark color like gray rather than leaving the color of the wood visible.