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The kitchen rounds the corners

The kitchen rounds the corners

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Always very elegant, the kitchen adopts new forms for delicate designs. Less and less rare in our houses, the curved elements impose themselves and harmoniously harmonize with the sometimes very angular lines of modern spaces. Both traditional and whimsical, here is our selection of the best from kitchen designers.


Darty This kitchen is distinguished by its circular water point. A stainless steel cabinet with many accessories. This multifunction system makes it possible to wash, prepare, cut and store in the same place. A clever development and design of a specific pole which gives the room a futuristic look.

Curved edges

Rational We love the soft shapes of this kitchen. The thick cheeks that coat the doors and the furniture give it pretty curves. The very deep aubergine color of the lacquer breaks this too wise aspect and combines harmoniously with the black glass of the credenza. A flawless one!

New generation

Gatto Cucine A UFO? Not at all ! This big carbon sphere of 1.50m in diameter may be your new kitchen. Architectural innovation, this all-in-one concept is made up of the necessary elements - hood, hob, sink, table, bin and storage drawers - to make and share the best dishes.

We take off

Alno Completely inspired by the curves of a boat, this kitchen mimics, in addition to its forms, the maritime world thanks to its colors. White and wood that blend harmoniously to recall the cabin effect of sailboats and other buildings. A touch of originality for a trendy seaside house.

By small touch

Aran We play with the lines here and there. Not completely rounded, this kitchen places the curves in certain angles, and then attenuates only a few corners. A way of appropriating the trend sparingly for even more chic.

All sweet

Record Cucine Generous shapes for this seemingly usual kitchen. Here, only curves! We appreciate her sky blue lacquered dress which gives even more serenity to the room. A real place of life that breathes tranquility.

She imposes some

Jean Louis Morel Like the heart of the house, this compact kitchen adapts perfectly to the requirements of new contemporary lifestyles. The central island, completely circular, is the ideal setting for meeting. There, you simmer your small dishes without giving up the pleasure of hosting.

A little class

Gatto Cucine Envelopante, this kitchen opts for a U-shaped worktop with dynamic shapes. A feminine creation that combines elegance as well as functionality. We note the winning combination of tones for a sophisticated warm space.


Ixina Finally, nothing could be easier to give more movement to a slightly too traditional cuisine. We invest in a bar or dining area with rounded lines to give a little style to the room without overdoing it, but above all without changing everything.


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