The tall furniture in the bathroom brings the decor up to the ceiling

The tall furniture in the bathroom brings the decor up to the ceiling

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We had already announced it to you, the showcases and other high furniture join the trend. An epidemic that has not escaped the bathroom since the latter offers tall storage space. Discover in pictures 10 decorative atmospheres to get inspired…

The design has not forgotten to stand out

Castorama Matching in lines and color with the vanity unit, this bathroom unit allows you to store all unsightly products out of sight.

A chair in the bathroom

Ikea Original, this wooden high chair accommodates bath linen for a graphic and design effect.

A light and airy bathroom furniture

Ikea All in finesse, this piece of furniture can be placed alone in a mini bathroom or in strips in a larger one.

The ladder brings up the decor

AM PM In an authentic spirit, this bamboo ladder is used to dry bath towels. Simple and effective, you can even create it for yourself.

Store while exhibiting

Ikea Like a ladder but this time with large shelves to put your products or your linen, this bathroom shelf creates originality and a decorative spirit in the room.

Deco above all!

Lapeyre Take advantage of the space above your tall unit to install a decor that thematizes your bathroom.

Hang your tall cabinet

Castorama The bathroom is often of medium or even small size. This is why it is better to choose a hanging piece of furniture to visually lighten the space.

A showcase for the bathroom

Ikea Looks like showcases, this piece of furniture could just as easily be used in the bathroom as in the living room.

A tall piece of furniture in its simplest form

Ikea Simple but effective, this high shelf accommodates all kinds of products. Wisely stored in boxes and other containers, they are always close at hand.