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The Ponds of Corot

The Ponds of Corot

It is only 15 kilometers from Paris to Ville-d'Avray that hide the Ponds of Corot. Come and take your time at Les Étangs, a real place of relaxation and well-being. In addition to a chic and distinguished hotel, you can enjoy the cuisine of chef Benoît Bordier and relax at the Caudalie vinotherapy spa (well-being treatments based on wines). from Bordeaux).

An exterior view

Les Etangs de Corot A true corner of nature

The Caudalie spa

Les Etangs de Corot Take time to relax at the vinotherapy spa


Les Etangs de Corot Stimulate your taste buds thanks to the cuisine of Benoît Bordier

The straw huts

Les Etangs de Corot Take the time to escape in one of the huts

The Artists' Café

Les Etangs de Corot At the Café des Artistes for a friendly and chic meeting


Les Etangs de Corot A majestic blue in one of the domain's rooms

A suite

Les Etangs de Corot Clear and distinguished tones in a suite