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Cocooning atmosphere in the house with fake fur

Cocooning atmosphere in the house with fake fur

To prepare for winter, bring fur into your home! With only a few accessories or a total fur look, you will warm the atmosphere of your room for a very cocooning atmosphere. Here are some ideas for using faux fur in your home.

Fur accessories to warm the room

La Redoute ### To warm up the bedroom for the winter, we do not hesitate to add fur accessories to the decor of the room. Bet for example on a throw of bed and some cushions in very warm brown tones. For the floor, choose a sheepskin-style bedding.

A plaid and fur cushions for a soft sofa

AM.PM ### To bring extra comfort to your sofa, opt for a thick plaid in the colors of your furniture. You can even cover the sofa with a large fur blanket to give it a completely different look.

Fur for winter decor in the living room

Fly ### To bring a winter touch to your living room and make it very warm, bet on an accumulation of faux fur accessories. Choose a soft carpet, a cozy blanket and comfortable cushions that you will have in the room. Do not hesitate to marry the different colors of fur.

A chalet atmosphere in the room

Maisons du monde ### To give a chalet feel to your room, bet on cushions and fur rugs. Combine the accessories with wooden furniture for a very "ski holiday" spirit.