What wall decor in the teens' room?

What wall decor in the teens' room?

Adolescents are a very difficult species to define. Their tastes are very different from ours and we don't always know how to please them. Decorating a teenager's bedroom can even be a real challenge! But thanks to our ideas and our selection of wall decorations, the challenge will be met and succeeded.

A light garland

La Case de Cousin Paul The garland has it all. It is available in various shapes and in all colors. Here we introduce you to a model from the La Case de Cousin Paul brand, which offers tailor-made garlands.


Presse Citron Your teen likes retro style? Presse Citron has the lamp it needs! Bright colors and a psychedelic design, enough to satisfy the quirky spirit of your adored children.


Maisons du Monde The British capital makes young people dream, which is ideal for those looking for decorative ideas. The spirit of London can invade your teen's bedroom with this collection available from Maisons du Monde.


Maisons du Monde Adolescence is a magical age during which we love music. Is your child a rock fan? Here is a decoration that should please him. Available at Maisons du Monde.


Ikea Wallcovering can give a very special atmosphere to a room. Here you discover a brick effect wallpaper that offers a very urban decor.

Like a tree

Ikea Here is a nice idea to revamp a room at a lower cost: the sticker. On a plain wall, it allows all eccentricities. In addition, it is fleeting and inexpensive.


Live wallpapers Here you find another decoration idea made with stickers. Between nature and aerial atmosphere, your daughter will be in heaven.


Ikea What if old tapestries were trendy again? Here is a room with vintage accents that has it all: retro walls and modern decor.

A la Andy Warhol

Wallprint The famous Andy Warhol is immortal. His creations are still diverted today and used to create a quirky decor. Here you will find the personalized portraits offered by Wallprint.