A cabin bed for the children's room

A cabin bed for the children's room

The joys of adventure are not just for young scouts! A cabin-like bed perched in the bedroom is enough for the fertile imagination of children. To conquer their dreams of adventurers, warm and safe from an attack by Vikings (or chimpanzees!), The editorial team has selected the most beautiful cabin beds of the moment. What make parents jealous of their offspring ...

A cozy cabin bed

Miliboo We continue with a cozy cabana bed at wish spotted at Miliboo. The combination of clean lines and natural tones of wood and white makes it as playful as it is decorative. It does not forget to be practical with its integrated bed drawers and its small board which acts here as storage space or small library to store kids' adventure books!

A little house-like bed

Miliboo The Little House cabin bed from Miliboo lives up to its name… Its small house look, its roof, its ladder and its pretty solid pine boards tinted in white make it a particularly popular play, rest and storage area. children… and parents!

A little girl's dream

Maisons du Monde This pink and white wooden bed full of poetry fulfills the dreams of little girls. What better place to dream, read, isolate yourself, study, imagine, have fun and live memorable sleepovers! Only problem? Your child's friends will no longer want to go home…

A Robinson cabin bed

Maisons du Monde Your child dreams of a cabin by the sea? Wish come true with this bed that looks like a small fisherman's hut mounted on stilts! Its soft and soothing tones make it a cocoon conducive to the most beautiful dreams of escape ... Notice to Robinson Robinson's in the making.

The nomadic adventure

Mathy by Bols on File in your bedroom No need to tell him to go to his bedroom with this caravan-shaped bed… He's already there! Carried by the epic adventures that await him around the world, your child has plenty of time to observe the celestial vault once the unbleached canvas which serves as a folded roof…

A tall cabin bed

Life Time This solid wood cabin bed has the air of a small palace perched high. Ladder, windows, roof, openings and wooden planks superimposed: everything is there to feed the fertile imagination of Mademoiselle and her friends for hours on end ... shhh, it's a secret!

The life-size adventure

De Breuyn on Machambreamoi A cabin bed to experience life-size adventure, from the top of the climbing tower perched on the bedding! Construction winch, crane and bamboo roof guarantee afternoons of games and fun ... Notice to scouting enthusiasts, budding adventurers and other daredevils!

An open cabin bed

Aim An unusual design, an access ladder, storage space, wide openings: this cabin bed spotted at But has all the ingredients to give character to children's rooms… and an adventurous character for your child!

A bunk bed

Lagrama on So Nuit This minimalist bunk bed-cabin draws a lovely 100% customizable children's bedroom. Perfect to receive friends on holidays or to create a child's room to share. Sleeping in a cabin for two: it's more fun!