From floor to ceiling, my bathroom like new

From floor to ceiling, my bathroom like new

In terms of decoration, your bathroom no longer suits you at all, it seems dated, outdated, in short, you can no longer see it in paint! Do not panic, if you want to give it a kick without spending all your evenings and your weekends at work, follow our 10 tips. And discover that with a little elbow grease, nothing is impossible!

Choose colored joints

Ikea Did you know that it was not necessary to replace the entire tiling of your bathroom to give it a kick? And yes, you just need to make colorful joints, and voila!

Lay a PVC floor

Leroy Merlin In your bathroom, rhyme vinyl slats with style. Easy to transport, easy to install, inexpensive and very easy to maintain, vinyl planks have everything to please. And for a modern and trendy bathroom, we opt for a PVC floor, imitation parquet that perfectly reproduces the knots and the grain of the wood.

Sticking stickers on a slightly dated tile

Like a Color No, really, you can no longer bear to see the tiles in your bathroom ... So to avoid breaking everything and spending a small fortune, opt for stickers, both practical and economical. Bottom hat at Like a Color, which offers custom-made stickers to revamp your tiles in no time.

Change faucets

Leroy Merlin For a bathroom that throws away, forget the old scaled mixer and place a new chrome mixer, much more design. So, seduced?

Choose a new washbasin cabinet

Sanijura Who says cool in the bathroom, necessarily says change of vanity unit. Choose a model more in tune with the times, and do not hesitate to play the recovery card by looking for a beautiful vanity unit that will give character to your bathroom.

Equip the shower with a glass wall

Tollens Bring in the light! This is a very simple and very economical idea: forget the shower curtain that sticks to you when you oppress yourself, and install a glass shower screen. You will gain in brightness and be able to say goodbye to splashes.

Place a large mirror

Tollens A key element in the bathroom, the choice of mirror should not be overlooked. Choose a good size, especially if you are not alone in admiring yourself and be sure to light it up well. Ideally: a row of spots, not too aggressive or a designer neon.

Add storage

Ikea And because a bathroom worthy of the name requires multiple storage, fix several shelves and favor the multifunctional side, like this wall shelf / towel rack. All this, sparingly so as not to overload and risk suffocating the space.

Replace switches

Leroy Merlin Attention to detail. Once the tiling covered with decorative stickers, the floor, the taps, the mirror changed and the arrangements well arranged, it would be a shame to neglect the finishes. We therefore take care to renew everything, including the old switches, which we choose to be more trendy and why not colorful.