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Art invites itself on the walls

Art invites itself on the walls

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If, like us, you can't afford a masterpiece, don't panic! The solution: stickers of works of art to stick yourself, to make your interior a small museum.

Optical illusion in the living room

I love the decor Have you fallen for the Dynamo exhibition at the Grand Palais? This superb sticker inspired by the work of artist Victor Vasarely will fulfill your desire for kinetic art and optical illusions.

We dress the entrance

New images With elegance and finesse, this sticker inspired by the work of the painter Matisse will dress your wall in no time. Discreet, we prefer to place it in an entrance or a corridor to decorate without overloading these often neglected passage pieces.

Colorful room

New images Ideal for a child's bedroom (and older children), these stickers inspired by one of the kings of graffiti, Keith Haring, give an offbeat appearance to the walls. To be installed according to its interior, for a striking optical illusion.

Comics in the kitchen

Valérie's house Still relevant today (the Pompidou Center dedicates a retrospective to him until November 04, 2013) Roy Lichtenstein, major artist of the Pop Art movement and his comic works bring life to where it is expected not, like on the fridge door.

Art takes flight

New images Human figure and dove of freedom take flight above a sideboard or a library. Picasso's drawings are famous for their finesse and simplicity and will highlight your tastes in art.

Video games and art go hand in hand

Stickaz We don't hesitate to wake up our kitchen with these little monsters that invade space. The most geeks of us will have recognized the spaces invaders, from the arcade game released in 1978: a vintage comeback of digital art.

Female presence

Yeda The inevitable Marilyn Monroe serigraphy by Andy Warhol sticks to the wall to allow an offbeat and feminine touch in a designer living room.

Pop and colorful universe

New images Colorful and pop, Roy Lichtenstein's illustrations are combined together on a white wall creating a touch of color for a pop room. However, we avoid accumulating too much, for fear of passing for a fanatic.

Animated characters

New images Artist currently exhibited at the MAM in Paris (until August 18), the characters of Keith Haring allow to put a touch of color on his walls, adding a playful aspect.