A functional and very decorative parental suite

A functional and very decorative parental suite

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For the comfort and privacy of parents, the parental suite is ideal! Indeed, it is not only a bedroom but also sometimes a bathroom or a dressing room in the manner of an outbuilding of the house. Here are some inspirations to create a master bedroom in your home.

A workspace in the bedroom

Fly ### If you need a workspace in your room without it really becoming an office, you can choose a round table with a few chairs that you will place in a corner of the room. You will be able to settle down to do your accounts in peace.

A bathtub in the room

Goal ### The parents' bedroom is a real place of privacy where you can even install a bathtub. A lion-footed bathtub will give a very romantic style to the room and will be ideal for moments of relaxation.

A bathroom adjoining the bedroom

Castorama ### If you still prefer a little more privacy, you can also place the bathroom behind a small partition. The bathroom will then be opened onto the bedroom in the manner of a hotel suite while preserving your privacy. Request a free bathroom quote.

A dressing room in the bedroom

Saint Maclou ### Finally, the master suite can also accommodate a dressing room dedicated to the parents' clothes. Again, you can place the dressing room behind a partition while leaving the space open or install the dressing room in a recess in the bedroom.


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