My teen dreams of a hippie chic bedroom

My teen dreams of a hippie chic bedroom

Flower power, pastel colors and brighter tones, lace and decorative objects from around the world invade our teens' rooms for a successful hippie chic decor. Do you need inspiration to help her adopt this look in her bedroom? Here is our selection of 10 Peace and Love atmospheres.

With touches of coral

Urban Outfitters The "handmade" is a real plus in a teenage bedroom that wants a bohemian look. So we adopt without delay this patchwork bedspread with prints that do not go unnoticed.

Flowery bed linen

Spoiler Who says hippie, necessarily says Flower Power. There's no question of missing out on this essential in your teenager's bedroom. For this, bet on flowery bed linen as well as on some accessories such as cushions or lamps.

Flashy colors

Maisons du Monde If pastel tones are a must in a bohemian decor, be aware that the more vivid colors such as flashy pink or electric purple also lend themselves to play. Dare without complex furniture or decorative objects that throw!

Hippie wallpaper

Spoiler To bring a hippie chic decor to your teen's bedroom without overdoing it, choose a pink wallpaper with discrete ethnic patterns. It sets the barely laid tone!

Hippie atmosphere to the office

Maisons du Monde Don't forget the office! After having bet on the bright colors, think of accessorizing it with world maps, buddhas heads and Indian posters.

Bohemian bed linen

Spoiler Bed linen is essential to give a hippie chic atmosphere to your teen's bedroom. So we opt for a bright red duvet cover with bohemian prints full of freshness.

A multitude of cushions

Urban Outfitters After choosing a bohemian duvet cover, also consider multiplying the ethnic-style cushions. Coming from India, Africa or South America, they create the most atypical decor.

Small seating area

Maisons du Monde Adolescent girls all dream of a little corner of their own to receive their friends. We therefore create a living room in their bedroom with this white wrought iron bench that is accessorized with colorful cushions and bohemian motifs for the hippie touch.

To the dresser

Maisons du Monde Favorite for this dresser which seems to have traveled the world. With her ethnic patterns, her colors full of pep, she brings a good dose of good humor in her room.