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Furniture puts on its skates

Furniture puts on its skates

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Do you want to clean hard-to-reach places, repaint a wall or even refurbish a room, but you don't know how to move your furniture easily without damaging the floor? All you need to do is slide the pads under the legs of the table or at the four corners of your wardrobe! Discover our selection to make your life easier and preserve your floors and also your furniture.

For metal furniture

3M Do you want to equip your garden furniture with wrought iron which tends to damage the floor of your terrace? Here is the solution proposed by 3M: a base which covers the round full feet and which is used on all types of non-abrasive exterior floors. With a slippery sole, it facilitates movement and guarantees greater sound comfort. We adopt it! From 3.95 euros the pack of 4

An elegant textile tip

3M Designed in an innovative material - a jersey textile - this 3M signed tip guarantees smooth furniture movement, without scratches and streaks. With its 5 folding fins, it allows you to cover the leg of your table or your chair with great elegance. Equipped with a shock absorber, it also offers maximum sound comfort. From 3.55 euros the pack of 4

To preserve wooden garden furniture

3M Ideal for the terrace or the balcony, the plastic gliding pads guarantee excellent resistance to heat, humidity and wear and thus preserve your wooden garden furniture. Their little extra: they absorb squeaks and vibrations when moving your furniture. 7.90 euros pack of 4

With a honeycomb sole

3M Thanks to its honeycomb sole, this sliding pad allows less friction and thus limits scratches by neutralizing dust. Another advantage: this sole is self-lubricating and nothing sticks to it!

For large furniture

Hagen Grote Hagen Grote protection and sliding washers are suitable for all furniture legs. Thanks to their soleplate, you can effortlessly move all your furniture, even cupboards weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. From 14.95 euros for 4

Design skates

Lapadd Finally, if you like originality, bet on slippery skates that have not chosen to make themselves invisible. Designed in felt and rubber, these models imagined by Lapadd have the advantage of being machine and tumble dry! 5.50 euros per unit


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