And children's games become… decoration accessories!

And children's games become… decoration accessories!

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Is the summer vacation the time to sort through the kids' room? Okay. But before that, be aware that certain toys that they no longer use can be easily recycled into decorative accessories… unusual and / or playful. With this lot of inspiring images, be convinced that decoration is a breeze!

Girly pony

Ikéa Around the TV corner, an unusual and offbeat note has intruded. On the program, the girls' favorite pony, highlighted here by an extra lamp, as if it were a museum work!

Barbie under bell

Geneviève Lethu Tea time or snack: when girls, big or small, come to the table, they dream of a sweet decor, in every sense of the word. Sweet treats and pastries in a candy box, Mrs. Barbie under a glass bell, and the "gourmet and girly" mission is more than successful!

Toy or work of art?

Elitis After the tableware, another staging under a bell ... in the living room! Proof that sometimes a glass globe is enough to give infinite value to any object, toy included!

Games of yesteryear

Ferm Living What could be more effective in emphasizing the retro style of the decor than recovering some used toys in order to display them on a mottled wooden chest of drawers? And the "little schoolboy" atmosphere is created.

Framed drawings

Ikéa To personalize the walls of the living room, bedroom or dining room, your idea was to unveil an art gallery. What if the works were signed by your own toddlers? This would have the gift of sublimating the room while personalizing the decor ...

Miniature toys

Ikéa Another way of adopting the museum trend, unusual version: distributing all kinds of miniature toys in wall storage boxes. Incredible but true. Little characters, music box, kaplas and others suddenly form a pretty open-air exhibition.

Mini knights

Ikéa Come on, we voluntarily leave miniature toys lying around in the entrance so that children can more appropriate it… and to recover our child's lightness as soon as the door is crossed!

Japanese dolls

Ikea Our divine kokeshis (typically Japanese dolls) deserve a display cabinet as a place to stay. Thanks to him, they pass everything except unnoticed ...


Ikea On the little table in the living room, we stage the game of chess rather than enclosing it in a cupboard. Two meters further, in the display cabinet, there is also a robot and a small car, true witnesses of our childhood. To believe that the games of yesterday and today have decidedly no problem improvising decoration accessories.