Very original floor coverings!

Very original floor coverings!

Thanks to vinyl flooring, the floor of the house becomes a real playground! Indeed, this material not only makes it possible to imitate wood and tiles but also offers much more original possibilities such as imitations of fabric, metal or pebbles ... A quick overview.

Concrete effect vinyl flooring

Leroy Merlin ### To give an industrial effect to your interior in a very simple way, self-adhesive tiles are used which are inspired by the appearance of waxed concrete. The advantage: it is very easy to install and maintain.

Textile imitation vinyl flooring

Leroy Merlin ### For an original and very designer style, bet on vinyl tiles that imitate textiles. The rendering is striking with models whose textile fibers are more or less apparent to imitate the fabric to near perfection. You will find graphite or lighter colors in beige tones.

Pebble-like vinyl flooring

Leroy Merlin ### Whether you want to give a Zen or seaside style to your interior, Fuji-Yama tiles are made for you! Indeed, they imitate a ground covered with white pebbles for a unique rendering. Our advice: place this coating in the bathroom for a total change of scenery.

Imitation metal vinyl floor

Saint-Maclou ### For an industrial style, opt for vinyl blades that imitate the non-slip metal plates found in factories. The good news is that you will combine the very decorative metallic look with the comfort of PVC!