Hippie chic atmosphere on my table

Hippie chic atmosphere on my table

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Want to travel and get away from it all? The hippie chic style is for you! Colorful, flowery, psychedelic and inspired by the ethnic style, the bohemian trend installs a wind of freedom on our tables thanks to the plurality of colors and patterns. Overview of the most beautiful decorative accessories for a table influenced by the hippie chic style.


Sema Design Ethnically inspired, these colorful mugs with highly stylized rose patterns will bring an exotic touch to your bohemian table decor and constitute a small service ideal for tea or coffee. Without handles, they are easy to use and small, to take place in closets discreetly.

Tie & Dye

Rouge Garance In the line of sight of fashion and the extravagant hair of stars, the "tie and dye" trend is now captivating the decor and is now spreading to all the accessories of the house. This two-color phenomenon marks the end of uniform colors and gives primacy to gradations and psychedelic effects. Ethnically inspired, it brings a very energizing touch of fantasy to our bohemian tables.

Mexican garlands

Save the Deco Directly inspired by Mexican garlands, called the Papel Picado garland, this pretty paper garland has it all! Ideal for a hippie chic wedding table decoration, it deliberately invites you to travel and escape with its tender colors and its air of elsewhere.


Helline With its vintage look and a touch of bohemian, the patchwork smells of countryside and comfort. By small touches in a neutral table decoration to highlight this pattern, or total accumulation for a gipsy spirit ... You choose.

Do brasil

Julie Ansiau With its vitaminized color, the Modulo Color tableware invites you to escape to distant lands. In line with the hippie chic trend, the collection will allow you to set up bright, playful and contemporary tables in a jiffy.

Flower power

Love creative people When it comes to colors, the hippie chic spirit is often characterized by a cocktail of warm and deep colors. If the shades of pink, orange, red and yellow are preferred, the patterns are not to be outdone. Floral, geometric or psychedelic, it's about mastering the mixes to enhance and sublimate the objects chosen on your table.

Asian influence

Geneviève Lethu With their flamboyant colors and patterns straight from the land of the Rising Sun, these sublime porcelain plates invite you to travel and get away from it all and will create a chic and bohemian atmosphere on your table.

Indian inspiration

Helline L'Asie is in the spotlight with this satin table runner with a playful exotic print. Ethnic pattern, warm and spicy colors, it makes us travel without even moving from our table.


Otsuki Sama Largely inspired by Japanese ornaments and symbols, indigo coasters invite you to enter a poetic world. An ideal pattern set for a hippie chic table decoration.