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20 ideas for a small functional kitchen

20 ideas for a small functional kitchen

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When there is a lack of space in the kitchen, it often takes ingenuity to gain a few square meters. It then becomes complicated to integrate both large household appliances but also (and above all) storage for storing cutlery, utensils and dishes. Here are 20 tips to make your room, however small or narrow, a functional and pleasant space to live in.

A clever credenza bar

Darty The splashback bar is one of the most ingenious accessories for small kitchens. Placed above your sink and / or your hobs, it allows you to hang the utensils you use most often but also to drip a cutting board or small objects like coffee cups.

Compartmentalized storage

Ixina x Philippe Conticini In a small kitchen, it is better to have less storage furniture but more compartments where to store your dishes and your household appliances. These different open shelves are ideal for each utensil to find its place without your cupboards overflowing!

A shelf to store your spices

Amoremiobello Spices are one of the most restrictive ingredients to store, especially in a small room. Instead of stacking them in a drawer, install a pretty shelf on your backsplash and display your spice jars. This will bring a touch of color to the room and you will find your condiments much more easily. You can also put jars filled with candy, cookies or pasta.

Built the refrigerator into a wall

Arthur Bonnet The fridge takes up a significant place in a kitchen. In order not to reduce its size downward, the kitchen designer Arthur Bonnet had the good idea to create a recess in one of the walls of this kitchen in order to connect the appliance. A significant saving of space in this long room.

Acquire a trolley on wheels

Ikea To have more storage space and more space in your kitchen, consider having a removable trolley like this model signed Ikea. You can store crockery but also household linen, condiments or bottles of wine. You just have to move it where you want or use it as an additional work plan.

A clever drawer

Leroy Merlin If you never find your cutlery or you do not know where to store your family silverware, this drawer is for you! It contains very distinct spaces to store your cutlery, knives, teaspoons, etc. Your children will have no excuses when they set the table!

A bin integrated into the work plan

The Kitchn If the trash can become a decorative object in its own right in the kitchen, it generally remains quite imposing, especially if you are a large family. To avoid wasting space in a narrow room, consider choosing a worktop with integrated trash can, which will be hidden under it. You can then easily collect your fruit and vegetable peelings to make natural compost.

Optimize space

Mobalpa In a small kitchen, it is important to use the smallest space to be able to create storage space. Avoid buying closed kitchen items, as the opening of their doors and the handles take up space. Prefer rather open storage, to put in every corner of your room.

Create a dining area for children

Purpose Do you have a staircase in your open kitchen? Take the opportunity to place a piece of furniture under this drawer with a retractable drawer, which transforms into a side table for two people. Your toddlers will be able to color or do their homework, but also have a snack close to the kitchen, while you are behind the stove.

A shelf on the wall

Mobalpa To avoid cluttering the kitchen, we replace the traditional table with a long shelf that is fixed to the wall so that it takes up no space on the floor. For dimensions, keep in mind that you should be able to place a plate and a glass. Not only can you have lunch in this space by installing stools but you can also use it as a worktop for cooking.

Hang your utensils on the walls

Ikea Do you have an empty wall on which you don't want to attach storage furniture? Hang the utensils you use daily such as wooden spoons, a cheese grater or a colander. Do not hesitate to further optimize the space by attaching suction hooks to the side of a cabinet.

A functional splashback

Leroy Merlin Chosen as an enamelled whiteboard version, this credenza proves to be very practical on a daily basis. Little felt-tip words, lists and magnetic aromatics… you will love it while cluttering up your little work plan.

Closets to the ceiling

Schmidt To gain storage space, do not hesitate to install cupboards on the entire surface of the wall going up to the ceiling. To access the higher spaces, consider placing an extra stool in your kitchen. He will be appreciated when you need to reach your ravioli machine!

An extended work plan

Mobalpa Do you lack a worktop in your small kitchen? Overflow! By extending it to the open living room, you can gain a little extra space. And that is not negligible!

A snack plan

Hygena This tiny snack plan is ideal for creating a dining area in a small kitchen. Two high stools to accompany it and not clutter the space, and voila!


Leroy Merlin Easy to put here and there in the kitchen, the shelves are a great decorative tip when you're not crumbling under the square meters! Crockery or delicatessen products will find a place of choice!

Closets with sliding curtains

Mobalpa In a small kitchen, opening the cupboards can sometimes be complicated! It is therefore a good idea to opt for elements fitted with sliding curtains. Practical, right?

U-shaped composition

Cuisinella A small well-appointed kitchen in a cramped space is possible! All the more so when the composition of the furniture is organized in a U to optimize all the spaces. Remember when you get started!

A smart drawer

Leicht Your kitchen is way too small to install a snack or tabletop but you still want to dine in this room… Nothing could be simpler with this clever drawer which, once pulled, turns into a small table.