The Tops: top 10 most hype decorative items

The Tops: top 10 most hype decorative items

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New to The Tops online concept store? Prepare to spend hours there! Totally at the forefront of trends, we discover the latest news from the creators of the moment as well as other objects in phase of becoming "the must-have" of the season. Small remedial session with our selection.

A house hides taken

The Tops Are you tired of seeing electrical wires hanging around the house? Here is the aesthetic solution to this problem: Gualtiero Sacchi's houses allow you to hide multiple sockets, wind up excessively long wires and bring them out through doors or windows with great style. 160 euros

A colorful coat hook

The Tops Pink, green, yellow, orange, the metal coat hook "DROP" will surely become the pop touch of your interior. We like its "paint dripping on the wall" aspect and its small hooks that will come in handy in the kitchen or in the hall to hang your keys. 19.90 euros

A side table with three trays

The Tops Functional and design, this side table will be essential at home! Note that you can also slip it into the bedroom as a bedside table or in the middle of the living room as a coffee table. 225 euros

A functional shelf

The Tops Inspired by the perforated panels used in the workshops, the Alfred wall storage system is designed to serve you every day. Hang, hang, reflect, put away, these are qualities that will satisfy you! 139 euros

A caribou night light

The Tops Love at first sight for this adorable wooden night light that can be installed immediately in the bedroom. His little extra? Its original and trendy caribou shape! 55.90 euros

Multifunctional storage

The Tops Magazines, books or even decorative items are welcome in this Color Box with original design. Hanging on the wall or placed on the floor, the latter will bring a little good humor in the room. 80 euros

A unique pouffe

The Tops Is your living room lacking in originality? No longer thanks to this square ottoman that looks like a vinyl tray. If you are also a Beatles fan, this model is for you! 126.65 euros

A sleek chair

The Tops Full of charm, this Nordic-inspired armchair is a real favorite. We do not hesitate to get several in different colors to create the decor in the living room. 609 euros

A designer fountain

The Tops Your garden also has the right to be on top this summer! With this fountain with simple lines and design, it is now done, you just have to choose the color! 365.90 euros