A bathroom for fashionista

A bathroom for fashionista

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If you have a fashionista soul, there are unmistakable signs. In the bathroom for example, storage, staging and accessories worthy of the name should be in the spotlight. After all, if there is one piece that deserves a title of beauty, it is it!

A bright star mirror

Ikea To play it the star lodge, it is he we are asking for. A luminous mirror framed by light bulbs in which our narcissistic inclination has only to hold on well.

Storage for the outfit of the day

Ikéa Towel rack… and clothes rack! Using a hanger or two, we suspend the outfit of the day to have it on hand when getting out of the shower.

The equipment you need for hair maintenance

Ikea The fashionista takes care of her hair. This is why under an extra bench, removing protective oils, shampoo, brushes and straighteners is the tradition.

Perfume bottles voluntarily exposed

Ikéa Instead of hiding in our closets, our prettiest perfume bottles, we expose them! On a shelf or on the counter top, these divine vials become rare pieces 100% chic.

Mascaras and company well aligned

Ikea Carefully aligned, these mascaras are the delight of the drawers in the bathroom, and of our morning awakenings because at hand!

Smart storage for fashion accessories

Ikéa Sunglasses, comb, hair brushes, necklaces and others find a warm place on this fabric perch, without making you forget the decor.

Ready-to-use makeup

Ikea Under the bathroom mirror, the whole range of makeup. Brushes, foundation, brushes and pencils just have to wait patiently for their daily use.

A well-established dressing table

Ikéa When space permits, we supplement traditional bathroom storage furniture with a dressing table. After being shunned for years, this piece of furniture is indeed returning to the heart of the trend ... for our greatest happiness!

A well hidden beauty corner

Ikea Any feminist and fashion addiction does not have to be visible to the naked eye in the bathroom. Fortunately, our drawers also conceal our smallest essentials.