Aperitif in the garden

Aperitif in the garden

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After a day of work, there is no question of missing a single ray of sunshine! A good excuse to improvise an aperitif outside without forgetting to inject a little personal decorating touch. Our ideas in pictures.

Chic aperitif

Ikéa Canapes, gazpachos, mousses and verrines, this is the magic formula to make appetizers as chic as a dinner. Heart stroke.

Intimate aperitif

Ikéa Soft atmosphere, a tray and 4 glasses of champagne: on this terrace, a group of friends is about to take an aperitif in complete privacy.

Beach and coconut aperitif

Geneviève Lethu With these colorful ice cube molds, the aperitif promises to be summer! Especially since we deliberately left hanging sarong and fucked on our seats and sofa.

Aperitif by the sea

Maisons du Monde Facing the ocean, the aperitif plays the card of sweetness and romance. Glasses wisely aligned, delicately lit candles, pretty lanterns, all arranged on a table very "seaside": here is a decor that invites to daydream and escape.

Aperitif in all sobriety

Ikea Why make things complicated when you can make them simple? When you have to improvise an aperitif in two stages, three movements, it is obvious: bet on a nice presentation, simple and sober, to welcome the guests quickly done well!

Nomadic aperitif

Alinéa To navigate the garden as you wish, between preparing a future barbecue, the sofa area or the kitchen, you have a gourmet tray with small cakes and mini vegetables!

Aperitif as a buffet

Alinéa Standing on the garden table, the aperitif takes on the air of a buffet. Here, before the sun goes down, everyone serves as they please!

XXL aperitif

Ikea On this small table, the quantity of glasses speaks volumes about the number of guests for the aperitif. Make way for the party!

Casual aperitif

Alinéa A tray filled with seeds and aperitif cakes, a few drinks, straws and glasses: an aperitif (in cool and relaxed mode) is served!