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Smart storage to enlarge small kitchens

Smart storage to enlarge small kitchens

No question of losing a single square centimeter when the kitchen sees life in small. Thanks to this inventory listing the best space saving tips to steal, the mission is assured!

1 storage, 3 trash cans

Ikea Better 3 trash cans rather than one! This allows, one, to sort, two, not to put everywhere. We told you, when you run out of space, what you need is to intelligently increase the storage space!

Optimized shelf

Ikéa Leaving to put a wall shelf in the kitchen where to store spices, jars and others, as much to optimize the space just below. Demonstration with this shelf having a credenza bar on which the tea towels, aprons and napkins parade cheerfully.

Maxi shelves

Ikea Not enough space in the cupboards to store everything? We have the magic shelves! Fixed above the worktop, the credenza, under the bar or the table, they accommodate our most beautiful accessories (small appliances, dishes, utensils) that have not been found elsewhere.

Tidy plate racks

Ikéa Easy for drawers to become real antics. To avoid it, there are compartments, but also supports in the format of what is stored there. This is the case with these plates, which, thanks to a metal base, do not exceed a pile of the pile.

Bottle holders

La Redoute Here you find bottle holders that can stack. Thus, they adapt to the size of your kitchen as the number of bottles to store. The extra thing? It is design!

Magnetic boxes for spices

Delamaison What if your refrigerator door offered you additional storage? This is possible thanks to the magnetic spice boxes. They decorate your kitchen while saving you a lot of space. A boon !

The spice rack

Delamaison Here is a very clever spice rack that attaches under an element in height of your kitchen. Thanks to it, you can store 18 spice jars neatly. A nice idea that we owe to Win Chef!

A sink bridge

La Redoute This little element, very simple in appearance, is very useful! It is a sink bridge. This saves you a lot of space while making it easier for you to access the sink.

Storage under sink

La Redoute The under-sink space is often neglected, so there is a lot of space lost. With this storage system, you recover the lost square centimeters for optimal storage! To adopt !

A cart on wheels

Ikea Nothing is more practical in a small kitchen than a trolley on wheels that you can move according to your needs. Dishes, bottles, tea towels, you can also store everything you want.

A smart cupboard

Leroy Merlin We are totally fans of this delicately designed cupboard which allows us to organize our stoves, saucepans, stewpots as well as our delicatessen products.

A suspended ceiling cabinet

Leroy Merlin It's not always easy to reconcile a small open kitchen and a multitude of storage spaces. Unless you hang a tall piece of furniture from the ceiling and create an ultra practical alcove. We love the idea!

A large bottle rack

Leroy Merlin To give you a little space in the cupboards, start by freeing them from the bottles. To do this, simply install a large locker on one of the walls and slide them all in.

To organize the drawers

Ikea Putting your plates and dishes in the same drawer can quickly become a real headache! Fortunately, there are organizers today that allow everyone to have their own space without encroaching on the other.

Bars for hanging utensils

Leroy Merlin To free up some space in the drawers, we suggest hanging the utensils on wall bars. Baskets, pots, simple hooks, it's up to you!

A built-in table

Leroy Merlin At first glance, this white lacquered buffet looks like any other kitchen buffet. But once one of the drawers is lowered, he discovers an ultra space saving table in small kitchens.

Hanging aromatic plants

Ikea So that your aromatic plants take advantage of daylight throughout the day, we offer these stainless steel bars that allow you to hang small pots. The plus: it clears up your work plan!

An alcove to save space

Leroy Merlin If you are lucky enough to enjoy an alcove in your kitchen, take the opportunity to transform it into smart storage. Add a shelf and store your pretty boxes for pasta, rice or coffee.

Corner shelves

Leroy Merlin You have no more space to add an additional piece of furniture at the end of your work plan? It does not matter, you just need to add two shelves tailored to your needs and that's the job! Our tip: add two baskets for the aesthetic aspect.