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Customize the house with a little paint

Customize the house with a little paint

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Painting allows a simple appropriation of places and furniture. Easy and fast, we redecorate in its own way, for a brand new interior. The advantage: you can repaint regularly to have fun and rediscover your home.

Colored lockers

Tollens To awaken a white library: we don't hesitate to repaint the lockers in different colors. Result: we highlight trinkets and books, with ingenuity.

Animate the show

Tollens The mismatched chair which has been in a corner for too long has been given a new lease of life thanks to a paint job and a new cushion. We choose a strong color to stick to the trend of the moment.

Highlight natural wood

Tollens Wooden sideboards and consoles can also be personalized. A neutral color on the base makes it possible to highlight a pretty rough wooden tray, which can be sanded if necessary.

Frame the light

Tollens To bring more light into a room, painting the window frame may be the solution. To emphasize the illusion of a larger room, we take the opportunity to paint the baseboards or the moldings on the walls in the same color.

The second life of furniture

Tollens The dresser or the dresser also finds a second youth with a new color. The combination of old furniture and fresh color makes it easy to update your bedroom or kitchen.

Colorful headboard

Tollens In the bedroom, a wooden board painted in the colors of linens as a headboard, immediately gives unity to your room. You therefore bet on a much more elegant decoration for a few euros.

Accentuate depth

Tollens A niche in a corner of the apartment or house suddenly takes on relief with a coat of paint. Choose it neutral and clear so as not to push the space too far.

Weekly celebration

Tollens The drawers play the color card: in a fun way, the drawers of the same piece of furniture are painted with different colors. In gradient or shades, we stay in the same range to avoid false steps.


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