Create a baby corner in a small space

Create a baby corner in a small space

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A happy event is fast approaching, yes, but you have no room to allocate to this future baby at home. Do not panic ! You will still be able to create a corner dedicated to your child with a little creativity and well thought out furniture. So before you move, here are some effective inspirations to welcome newborns when space is limited.

Take advantage of the shape of your pieces

Ikea Even in another room, the baby room can be easily installed. For this, do not hesitate to take advantage of the architecture of your house or apartment and use the recesses to maximize the space as in this room where the wall surface is fully exploited to install a baby space.

Redesign spaces

Ikea Your bedroom has a large dressing area? Then divide it in two and install your baby's furniture in the recess of your room which will not lose space for circulation while defining a real space for your child.

Between brothers and sisters

Alinea If you do not have the space to offer a separate room to your children, know that you will find furniture for babies that coordinates with that of your child a little bigger so that they share the room with style.

Create a room within a room

Castorama With Japanese panels or simple curtains, you will be able to create a room dedicated to baby in your bedroom or even your living room. You can then decorate this space just for him.

Use tight spaces

Vertbaudet It is not always easy to make the most of the spaces in your interior, especially when it presents particularities. But be aware that if you have a sloping space where it is more difficult to slide furniture or move around, you can nevertheless install the baby bed to create a cozy corner.

A well-defined space

Vertbaudet If you install your baby in another room than a dedicated room, do not hesitate to delimit the space to offer him an intimate and reassuring corner. You can for this, for example, opt for a canopy that will separate it from the rest of the activities.

Condense the baby space

Vertbaudet If you run out of space, consider optimizing the space by opting for furniture that allows you to condense the bed, changing table and storage. You will thus gain space while offering you a very functional baby corner.

Invest the walls

Charlie Crane When space is lacking, all the tricks are good to take! Be aware that there is furniture designed for small spaces that will allow you to invest the wall for the changing table with a foldable shelf system. This will allow you to have a change space in a small bedroom or even in the bathroom.

Separate in style

Leroy Merlin Play the decorative card when you share a room to provide space for your baby. You can opt for pretty curtains as a retractable partition and adopt a screen for the decorative touch. What modulate the space as needed while optimizing the square meters.

Bet on decoration!

Ikéa When the baby's room is very small, the ideal is to decorate it well. The objective? Make people forget the reduced space of the room. The proof in pictures with a play of warm colors and striped patterns!

Only essential furniture and accessories

Ikéa When you lack space at home to create a place reserved for babies, you only equip yourself with the bare essentials: a cradle, a chest of drawers for storage and some decorative accessories that do not take up space, such as a table, stickers or a bed curtain. Because optimizing space means starting by removing the trinkets and superfluous objects that uselessly invade places.

A curtain to delimit the space

Ikéa When newborns do not have a dedicated room, we can always arrange a space in another room of the house, provided that it is relatively noisy and above all, provided that the space is separated. The right idea? Create a partition using a curtain to accommodate baby in a more intimate corner without distorting the interior.

Use recesses in walls and recesses for storage

Ikéa A space-saving mission in the baby's room also requires clever storage. If you have a wall recess or a particular angle, this is the opportunity to install a few boxes or shelves. Every square meter is thus used to make the space for the little ones bigger and more comfortable.

Baby space in parents' room

Ikea When looking for a baby space in a small apartment, one of the solutions to consider is to create this place in the room of mom and dad! A cradle hidden or not behind curtains, and voila! We thus have months ahead before finding another idea…

A two in one bed

3 Suisses It's not rocket science to change your baby, have your clothes close at hand and put away your toys with this wooden bed. With it, you can manage several things at the same time and in a minimum of space. Convenient !

A multifunction bed

Delamaison Being able to change your baby, put away his toys, his clothes and put him to bed with just one piece of furniture is now possible. Composed of multiple colorful drawers and shelves, this multifunctional baby bed takes up as little space as possible. Good news for small spaces.

Sleep close to your baby

Design-Paysagiste When an apartment lacks space, we must think of a place to accommodate baby. In this room, the parental bed is arranged so that it is accessible directly from the door, not disturbing the baby's sleep during the comings and goings. The plus: a storage unit serves as a partition, so everyone keeps their own corner!

Baby crib keeps growing

Ikea This small bed with bars composed of three storage drawers can be placed or moved as the parents wish. Of a sober color, it will go as well in a living room as in the room of the parents.

Baby shouldn't be left in a corner

La Redoute Thanks to this light furniture, it is easy to move bed and changing table according to the space of the room. The era of heavy, non-transportable cribs is over. And all dressed in white it will be easy to adapt it to different interior styles.

The wagon-shaped bed

La Redoute We love this cot with bars in the shape of a small wagon. Its small shape gives it a retro charm inspired by the 50s and allows it to slip easily into a few square meters. Adjustable in 3 heights, it will accompany baby until he is 3 years old.

Sleep with baby, but not in the same bed

La Redoute This little bed allows you to spend quieter nights in the first weeks because your baby is right next to it, thanks to a system of hooks that attach to the parents' bed. We love

The same bed from baby to child

Machambredenfant The Malta baby bed is an evolving baby bed particularly suitable for small spaces thanks to its integrated changing table and its three-drawer chest. Its two-tone taupe and white color adapts to any decor and will suit both little girls and boys.

A stunning bed concept

Pioupiou & Merveilles Design, compact, easy to live with, and very durable, this cradle-seat becomes a cot just by turning it over. He grows up with a baby from birth until he is 7 years old. Well done ! Follow the demonstration to go from the cradle to a cot: //

Combine decor and practicality

Sebra We give style to the baby's corner with warm and mixed colors. This small gray bed will suit both the parents' room and a small, comfortable room.