These patterned shower curtains that enhance the bathroom

These patterned shower curtains that enhance the bathroom

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Generally, shower curtains are not very glamorous. It must be said that their waterproof, flexible and sticky structure is not to their advantage. The solution ? Choose them not all white or all united, but adorned with pretty patterns. Come on, we're giving you our top 10.


Ikea A little humor in the bathroom! The key: a curtain on which is drawn the silhouette of the shower head and the drops of water it propels. Fun, unusual and fun, we couldn't resist it…

Retro chic

Ikéa In a powdered bathroom seeking to revive the charm of the past, here is the ideal pair of shower curtains. Dressed in retro roses printed black on white, she enchants the bathroom with a very 50's femininity.


Ferm Living Come on, we wake up the tranquility of the bathroom with a little carnival touch. A shower curtain dressed like a harlequin, who says better?


Ikea A woman sipping a cocktail, a bison roaring in the rain: whether we like the north or the south, we are served in a change of scenery in the bathroom!


Ferm Living A bathroom with variable geometry, we are for. Quickly, we adopt a shower curtain adorned with equilateral triangles in series to sow the effect!


Ikéa Softly adorned with fine blue, gray and brown stripes, this shower curtain punctuates the bathroom without rushing it.


Ikéa Black circles with fine lines deployed endlessly on a white background: this is how this shower curtain geometrises with chic the bathroom. Simple and subtle.


Ferm Living Unveiling very arty rows of black circles cut in half, this shower curtain plays with original chic. And we love it.


Ikéa Foolproof discretion with this subtle striped pearl gray shower curtain.