Smart furniture to tidy up the office

Smart furniture to tidy up the office

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Office equipment at hand discreetly stored without cluttering the space, here is what you need! And to help you create the best organized workspace possible, we have 20 furniture ideas to add to your office. What practice, what decoration, to discover in pictures!

Filing furniture

Ikea They are small, practical, and easy to move around: the furniture designed for filing will be your assets near the office, whether under the table or just next to it, to offer an additional work plan.

A closet above the desk

Ikea Why not use the wall surface to maximize the storage of your office? You can then place a cupboard above the tray and you will benefit from a piece of furniture that takes up no floor space and offers closed storage.

A fitted shelf

Ikea Some shelves will be particularly practical for the office such as this model which has different lockers that you can choose to garnish with the door or not depending on what you want to store.

A decorative library

Purpose To store discreetly, you can also choose to place a living room library near the office, you can then put a few books and binders among the decorative items.

Lockers above the desk

Alinea Mix practicality and decoration by adopting locker shelves to fix on the wall of your office. You can then store your filing cabinets but also give style to your office with decorative objects.

A ladder shelf

La Redoute It has the advantage of not taking up too much space by leaning both on the wall and on the floor, the ladder shelf offers visually light and very decorative storage that can be installed around your desk .

Storage boxes on casters

Ikea It is the classic of the office: plastic boxes with drawers that are presented on casters to slip everywhere and be closer to you when you need it. A real asset for creatives.

Multiple shelves on the wall

Leroy Merlin Add as many shelves to your wall as you need storage! You then offer yourself an ultra graphic, practical desk that takes up no more space.

Shelves that create an office

Castorama The trick of this workspace? Use only storage furniture to create the desk. The tray is therefore a niche shelf for discreet storage and everything is accompanied by wall shelves.

Storage furniture as a base

Castorama A simple trick to offer you storage furniture that will not take up space: replace the base of your office with column furniture with drawers. You can double your storage capacity in the blink of an eye.

Recycled bedside tables

Castorama Do you want to create small practical furniture for your office yourself? Opt for small bedside cabinets with drawers to which you will simply add casters for convenience.

A shelf to attach to the desk

Leroy Merlin Integrate a storage unit directly on the top of your desk, using the unit as one of the legs. You then offer XXL storage space without taking up space.

Use the surface under the desk

Castorama The longer your desk, the more you will be able to use this surface to maximize storage. Then adopt furniture with drawers and lockers that you can simply slide under the tray.

Furniture to add to the worktop

Hübsch You will find a lot of small furniture and accessories to add directly on the desk to offer drawers, shelves and practical lockers.

A service that follows you everywhere

Ikea Here is a multifunctional piece of furniture to adopt without hesitation at the office to have your accessories close at hand when you need them. The trolley on wheels slides on the desk and follows you when you work as it also does in the kitchen.

A shelf of lockers on the desk

Maisons du monde If your office has a deep shelf, do not hesitate to add a niche shelf simply placed on it, so you can store without taking up more space on the floor.

Shoe cabinets for your files

Ikea Why not divert wall-mounted shoe cabinets that take up little space to store your files? You can even maximize your organization by using a small piece of furniture for each subject.

A seat that contains storage

Jan & Lara Not only will this beautiful stool allow you to sit at your desk, but it will also allow you to archive files that you do not use much thanks to a hidden storage space.

A cart in the office

House Doctor Just like the trolley, we can divert the kitchen cart to create a practical and easy to move storage unit. It also offers additional work space thanks to its tray.


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