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The Hôtel du Ministère, a colorful hotel

The Hôtel du Ministère, a colorful hotel

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Located in the heart of the 8th district of Paris, a stone's throw from the Madeleine and the Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Hôtel du Ministère designed by the architect and designer François Champsaur displays modern comfort, colorful decoration and rich in patterns for a welcoming and cozy boutique hotel.

The buffet as delicious as it is beautiful

The Hôtel du Ministère Served on the sublime marble bar, the breakfast buffet awakens the taste buds with its delicious pastries but also with the decoration of the place that amazes the eyes with the choice of bright colors and daring patterns.

Junior Suite hotel room

The Hôtel du Ministère Spacious and colorful, the room above offers an atmosphere that is both cozy and warm. She invites the host to relax and enjoy absolute comfort.

Deluxe hotel room

The Hôtel du Ministère A cocoon spirit reigns in this room. Soft materials, light colors and sleek design to curl up and relax on a hectic day.

For art lovers

The Hôtel du Ministère A fine collection of art and contemporary pieces can be discovered in the hotel. Works by David Lynch, paintings by Carment Perrin or paintings by Jean-Michel Alberola are exhibited throughout the hotel.

Under the glass roof

The Hôtel du Ministère The hotel is topped with a sublime glass roof which houses a dining area composed of comfortable seats, small round tables and original lampposts.

The bathrooms

The Hôtel du Ministère Designed as shacks with the predominance of wood and its enveloping forms, the hotel bathrooms are designed as a space of well-being.

A spirit of openness

The Hôtel du Ministère In order not to cut the outlook, the bathrooms are open to the bedroom. But through sliding doors, it is still possible to isolate yourself.

The fitness room

The Hôtel du Ministère A gym in the basement allows you to take care of your body and at the same time your mind.

Heart stroke

The Hôtel du Ministère The glass roof of the hotel allows you to have breakfast or have a good time at any time of the day, under the sky of Paris.


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