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Cork, an ecological and decorative floor covering

Cork, an ecological and decorative floor covering

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No more underlay flooring, cork becomes a full-fledged flooring. Apart from its ultra ecological characteristic, its decorative side is growing more and more to gracefully decorate our interiors. Examples in pictures.

Total black: cork becomes design

Saint Maclou ** The wood color of cork put you off? It is now a thing of the past. This floor covering is now available in other colors such as black. Everything to please design lovers. Let yourself be seduced! **

Wood color

Saint Maclou ** Brown decor on the floor, this is a bias that has the advantage of marrying divinely to several styles: modern as it is here, chalet or authentic. Without counting on the ease of installation thanks to the tiles to clip! Everything to please. **

White attitude

Saint Maclou ** After black, white! Dressed in this way, cork bathes the interior with luminosity and radiance. Very clever when your home is little exposed to daylight. **

Gray effect

Saint Maclou ** The gray style is popular. Cork therefore had to align with the trend! Here, the floor sets the tone in a very contemporary mood. We join. **