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The office says yes to the Scandinavian style

The office says yes to the Scandinavian style

Building on its success, the Nordic style continues to invest in our interiors. We love it in every room of the house but this time, it's in the office that it catches our attention. We give you all our secrets to get the most beautiful workspace.

Pastel trend

Red Edition To break this dynamic of white, we associate with this piece powdery shades. We thus place the office in an atmosphere combining old roses, steel blues and water greens.

Spirit in a row

House Doctor Wood, the main - and natural - material of the Nordic style, is easily associated with metal. On trestles, as in an artist's studio, the offices follow one another, always underlined in pastel tones and bathed in light thanks to the large glass roof.

We play with simplicity

& Tradition In a very minimalist spirit, which is the specificity of the Scandinavian spirit, we love this simple wooden board placed on cleats. Thus, the office disappears in front of the decoration of the place.

Purity of lines

Harto Design Designed by Pierre-François Dubois, and largely inspired by Scandinavian design, this desk in a refined style emphasizes functionality and discretion. With respect for lines, cables and chargers can hide in this smart and contemporary office.

The obsession with order

String As with electric wires, storage must be perfectly studied. In an office with a Nordic spirit, it is imperative that everything is in its place. We then like a table integrated into a pretty library in String style.

We invest in a secretary

AM PM Created by Emmanuel Gallina, this elegant and practical piece of furniture with its drop-down shelf makes it possible to clean up and reduce clutter.

We mix white and natural wood

Sengtai We told you. White and wood are essential to create a Scandinavian style piece. The best is still to combine the two in one and the same piece of furniture. Here, the solid bamboo desk has a large ivory lacquered central drawer.

The warmth of textiles

Bloomingville Nothing better to wake up and especially to warm this atmosphere than animal furs. By aligning with neutral colors, we play with the materials of the fabrics to give comfort and softness to the room. Special mention to the suspended desk, space saving tip.

The little extra

Maisons du Monde And to bring a little whimsy to your interior, nothing prevents you, once the Scandinavian codes are respected to the letter, from adding your personal touch: a large solid color on the wall, a decorative accessory ... A you choose!