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The 10 romantic inspirations of Aurore

The 10 romantic inspirations of Aurore

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The romantic style has survived the centuries without losing its superb and its intensity. Always present and appreciated, it has become over time a timeless classic of decoration. Synonymous with softness and calm, it is defined by light colors, curved and voluptuous lines and noble materials. Between femininity, voluptuousness and refinement, discover my 10 decorative inspirations to perfect this style.

A brand: Comptoir de famille

Comptoir de famille Inspired by the family homes of yesteryear, the Comptoir de famille brand collections charm me with their sober and refined lines, their curved, feminine and elegant shapes and their noble materials. Full of charm and borrowed from nostalgia, the collections plunge into a universe halfway between family house style and romantic atmosphere.

A destination: Venice

Easy nomads Is there a more romantic city in the world? Serenissima Venice, which has seen Casanova's love exploits, is in everyone's opinion, first among the most romantic cities in the world. It is the capital of honeymoons where couples like to stroll on Saint Mark's Square, stroll on the bridge of sighs or let themselves be transported on the Venetian canals in the company of a gondolier singing bel canto tunes.

An atmosphere: a boudoir-style bathroom

Delpha The boudoir style has not finished seducing me! Elegant, glamorous, romantic and typically feminine, it crosses time and today decorates many interiors. Like the bathroom designed by Delpha, the boudoir style is characterized by refined and precious details, powdery colors where the key words are well-being and elegance.

A piece of furniture: A four-poster bed

But A romantic piece of furniture par excellence, the Shelby canopy bed seen at But immediately seduced me with its arabesque and scrolled style. Softly, it will bring elegance and refinement to your room.

One color: powder pink

Helline Feminine at will, the pink color evokes delicacy, voluptuousness and tenderness and gives all our interiors a romantic and refreshing style. Associated with light colors such as off-white, beige, white or gray it will enhance and sublimate your romantic decor in the blink of an eye.

A designer: Alnoor Design

Nklawson Invite romantic and trendy style into your interior with Alnoor Design decorative items. Double meaning, functionality and a message dictated to the unconscious are the characteristics of the work of this young Indian designer who has been living in France for a few years. Like the original The Saint chair, Alnoor design signs the harmony of romanticism and interior design.

An object: a bell

Maisons du Monde Poétique as desired, this elegant glass bell has been welcoming all my little treats for a few weeks. Mounted on a pink metal foot with serrated effect, it brings a beautiful romantic and poetic note to all my table decorations.

A painting: Traveler contemplating a sea of ​​clouds

Ac-Grenoble Emblematic painting of romantic art, * Traveler contemplating a sea of ​​clouds * by the famous painter Caspar David Friedrich is a major work of the romantic period. The painting celebrates with passion and liveliness one of the recurring themes of romantic literature: the evil of the century and melancholy ...

An exterior: A garden table

Maisons du Monde Let your imagination run wild with the Maisons du Monde round table in wrought iron and glass. Friendly and elegant, its voluptuous and refined lines will transport you to a romantic and poetic universe borrowed from well-being and serenity.